#Allinthistogether - Make the best of your quarantime!

20 Mar 2020

These are challenging times, but with some company and distractions, this quarantine can be a bit easier. How can we do that, now that we can't leave our homes? On this page, we'll give you some tips as to how to change your bunker into a funker.

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What can you do?

What's there to do in corona times? Here we'll give an overview of activities you can still do from a distance!

  • Werewolves (aka Mafia)

Start a group chat, a group call or a group video chat (see below as to how to do that exactly) and start a game of werelwolves! Don't forget to start a private conversation between each villager and the narrator, so that werewolves, witches, seers can reveal their victims in private!

  • Online library session

Do you need the social pressure of a library? Start a Skype, Messenger or FaceTime session while studying, and now you'll have someone to check if you're not netflixing or scrolling too much while "studying"! Isn't that the main reason to go to the library?

  • Online kotdrink

A drink tastes just as good when it's shared through Skype! go and get a drink with your virtual friends!

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Videochatting for dummies

Video chatting is an ideal way to stay in touch with your friends. But how do you do that exactly? We'll summarize the easiest ways to make video calls here.

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Whatsapp's a good way to video chat if you have a bad connection. Even in bad conditions, you'll be able to make decent calls.

Open the group chat with the people you'd like to chat with, and press the telephone symbol in the right top corner.

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Now, you can select with whom you'd like to make a call. You can select up to three other people.

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If you'd like to make a group call, press the telephone. For a video call, you can press the camera. Have fun!

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Messenger allows for bigger groups, but the quality can dwindle sometimes. To start, just go to the group chat of the people you'd like to video chat with, and press the camera symbol.

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