Reopening fakbars during corona

22 Jun 2020

The end of the exam period is in sight and the fakbars are reopening! We are amidst very special times, so there are a few rules in the fakbars that you need to know of. Cheers!

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What does it look like, visiting a fakbar in times of corona?

We love and know that fakbars as the place to let off some steam after a hard exam period. You can still do that, but we also have to follow the rules set by the government to slow the spread of the coronavirus. In coorperation with the Leuven Politice, the City of Leuven and KU Leuven, all together we will have a safe fakbar experience.

Follow these guidelines and you can once more enjoy your favourite fakbar after your exams!

Before your visit

  • Not all fakbars are going to reopen after the examperiod. You can have a drink at Huis Der Rechten, Recup and Fakbar Letteren!
  • Reserve a table at your fakbar. Visit the Facebookpage of your fakbar of choice to find out how you can do that.
  • Arrive on time! Otherwise they can give your table to another group
  • Don't forget your student card!

During your visit

  • All rules and guidelines will be hung up or explained to you by someone of the bar team when you enter the fakbar.
  • Don't forget to disinfect your hands!
  • You can only drink your drinks at a table, so not at the bar. The bar team will take your order at your table and serve your drinks.
  • You cannot go smoke during your visit.
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Overview openingtimes

  • Recup

Thursday 25th of June from 6PM to 12AM

  • Huis der Rechten

Monday 22nd of June until Friday 25th of June, from 3PM to 12AM

  • Fakbar Letteren

Monday 22nd of June until Saturday 26th of June, from 4PM to 12:30AM
Monday 29th of June until Friday 3rd of July, from 12PM to 12:30AM

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