You can't miss these eight parties in Leuven!

29 Sep 2019

As the new year starts, LOKO and the student unions are ready to orgniase a whole lot for you. New in Leuven and wondering where to party at? No worries, we've got you covered! Check out this list! Nederlandstalig? Klik hier!

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Go Disco!

OkeR, De Kelten, Diana, Docentica, SOCA & StEIL
(Rumba & Co, Kiekenstraat 6; 2/10/2019 – 22u00)

The University College unions, De Kelten, Diana, Docentica, SOCA, and StEIL, united in OKeR, are starting the new year with a disco party in the Rumba. They say you won’t “discoball-ief your eyes”, and this pun in itself is a major reason to go. There are three amazing DJ’s lined up, and there’ll be enough promotions as well. It’ll make you €2 lighter when you buy your ticket beforehand, while it’ll be €3 if you buy your ticket at the door. That leaves you with enough money to buy your glitter suit.

Go Disxo

Afterwork Turbo TD

(Waaiberg, Tervuursevest 60; 2/10/2019 – 20u00)

The ‘10s were a confusing time: we were obsessed with fox sounds, bacon suddenly became a hot topic, and everyone danced like that one Korean guy. In the Netherlands and Belgium, cinema audiences were swept away by New Kids, a series of movies, centred around trashy young men from Maaskantje, a Dutch town. Our biologic engineering friends from LBK are happy to invite you to their Afterwork in New Kids-theme. Clip on that fake mullet, get out your dirtiest tank top, and come on down to Waaiberg! From 20u00 to 22u00 you can chat a bit, after that it’s a hard core party. €3 for LBK-members €4 for non-members.


Kick Off

Psychologische Kring, Industria & Medica
Alma 2, Van Evenstraat 2C; 10/10/2019 – 21u00)

Alma 2 is not only a source of flexitarian delight, but it also hosts a ton of great parties. The Psychologische Kring, Industria and Medica will raise the roof together with DJ’s and artists like Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem (ft. Average Rob), Dimitri Wouters, and Partyshakerz. The damage is €4 for members of any of the three organizing student unions, and €5 for non-members.

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Toxic TD

(MAXIM’O, Naamsestraat 35; 10/10/2019 – 22u00)

The students of oral health, nursing and obstetrics will throw their first TD (Thé Dansant, a fancy name for a good old fashioned party) of the year. Every time the legendary “Toxic” by our very own Britney Spears comes up, you’ll get a free toxic shot with every drink you buy. Does it all go to your head too fast? No worries, all the paramedics attending will be there to help you! There’s no entrance fee, so party ‘till you look like 2007’s Britney!

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Avabar: The last bartender

(Winabar @ Alma 3, Steengroevenlaan; 2/10/2019 – 20u00)

Wina, the union for mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists will throw a party so great, it can unite all of the four nations. The Avabar will supply you with delicious drinks, but beware: overconsumption can lead to your night turning worse than the live-action remake.

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Lift-Off TD

(Rumba & Co, Kiekenstraat 6; 3/10/2019 – 22u00)

Our pharmaceutic friends from Farma will bring you heaven with this TD, supplying you with appeljenever (a local wheat liquor with apple juice), strongbows, and, of course, water. Members of Farma can get a ticket for €2,5, non-members for €3. At the door, everyone pays €3.

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Letteren Full House: Jukebox edition

Fak Letteren, KOCO, Alfa, Babylon, Musicologica, Mecenas, Eoos & Historia
Fakbar Letteren, Blijde Inkomststraat 11; 2/10/2019 – 22u00)

Fak Letteren opens their doors for all students. Every student union of the arts faculty will offer you another drink, snack and music style in their office. Do you want to chat a bit to classical music, drink some delicious mocktails or go crazy to technobeats? Then Fakbar Letteren is the place to be!

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LOKO, Stura, KU Leuven, UCLL, LUCA, Stad Leuven, Het Depot
(Msgr. Ladeuzeplein, 2/10/2019 – 15u00)

According to our yearly tradition, we welcome all students in Leuven at the beginning of the academic year. Discover all the stands (and be sure to pass by the LOKO one! We’ll have cotton candy!), get to know your fellow students, and listen to some great music by Miss Angel, TheColorGrey, Stikstof and Faisal. The best thing is: there’s no entrance fee!

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