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For organizing on public and private domain, there are several measures for each type of event. These measures can be found in the right support sheets. How do you know which support sheet you need? Go through the flowchart!

Step-by-step plan

1. You want to organize an activity or event. You consult the flowchart on the website that guides you to the appropriate support sheet.

2. On this support sheet you will find all the necessary information for reporting, requesting and organizing the activity or event.

3. You make the notification via the activity calendar and attach the required documents.

4. If it is an activity (between 11 and 50 people), the notification must be made 14 days in advance. If everything is in order, the student inspector will confirm the notification via the activity calendar.

5. If the activity takes place on the public domain or has an impact on the public domain, it is considered as an event and organizers have to apply for a permit 'intake public domain' from the city. In that case, the activity calendar contains a link to the city's website.

6. This must be done at least 1 month in advance. The public domain intake service then submits this request to the events service of the police and, if necessary, to other services involved (signage, lending service, traffic police,....) after which the decision is communicated to the applicant.

7. If the activity/event takes place on the grounds of the university or college of higher education, the approval of the educational institution is of course required (room reservation / VGM KU Leuven, room reservation UCLL). This approval must then be included in the application in the activity calendar.

8. If you have any questions, please contact the Leuven Police Department, student inspectors, who will guide the applicant through the procedure.

9. Prior to the actual activity, the police can carry out an on-site check-up.

10. During the activity or event, a check can be carried out to check whether the agreements made and the precautions taken are being observed.

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