Which organizations other than LOKO provide for subsidies?

  • For cultural activities, subsidies can be applied for at the commission of culture of KU Leuven.
  • Students unions which are also a consultative body, are recommended to apply for their non-profit organization subsidies at their Students' council of KU Leuven.
  • Students’ unions often also can get help from CC, POC or Faculty board for bigger projects.
  • Bigger cultural projects can also be subsidies by the Province of Flemish Brabant or the Flemish government. However, these organizations do expect a particularly elaborate motivation.

Is it possible to combine a LOKO-subsidy with another subsidy?

Yes, a LOKO-subsidy can be combined with other subsidies, as long as the event is not profitable. In the application, it is required to explain which costs will be covered by LOKO-subsidies and which costs will be covered by other resources.

In order to claim a LOKO-subsidy, the activity has to be accessible for all Leuven students and there can be no difference in treatment between members and non-members.

Can we grant discounts for students who have a culture or sports card?

Yes, even more: it is obliged to grant these discounts in case an association applies for subsidies at the commission of culture.

Is the lending service of KU Leuven free of charge for free associations?

No, the lending service of KU Leuven is not free of charge for free associations. However, free associations can incorporate the costs of the lending service in their project subsidy application and in that way, get reimbursed for those costs.

Is the use of KU Leuven rooms free of charge for recognised associations?

Yes, from Januari 2017 on, the greater part of KU Leuven rooms will be free of charge for recognised associations.

I do not really understand what project subsidies signify. Are there any examples available?

We have worked out several cases that would definitely receive project subsidy, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

  • Three Leuven students’ unions and two free associations want to cooperate in organizing an Urban Run through Leuven for all students in Leuven. They estimate that the event will attract 1000 runners. The communication of the event will be both in English and Dutch. The estimate of the event shows it will work at a loss.
  • Two students of the Faculty of Theology and Religion science want to organize a panel discussion with delegates of diverse religions concerning several ethical subjects. The event is for free and will be in Dutch. All Leuven students can participate.
  • As elections approach, five political student associations organize a debate between all head men of diverse parties. All Leuven students can attend.
  • A Leuven students’ association would like to organize a series of free lectures concerning ‘sustainability’. For that, they invite three specialists on the topic. The event will be communicated to all students in both English and Dutch.
  • Two Leuven cultural associations organize a trip to an art festival in the Netherlands. No priority is given to members of those associations. The event will also be communicated in both Dutch and English.

I submitted a subsidy application, but did not receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

After each application, you will receive a confirmation email on the email address you have entered with your application. In case you did not receive an email, you probably have not completed the application or entered the wrong email adress. In that case, please email to subsidies@loko.be.

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