Insurance subsidies

With the 'Insurance subsidy', LOKO wants to encourage all associations in Leuven to adopt a non-profit structure by financially intervening in this aspect of the fixed costs of a non-profit structure.

The director’s liability insurance of recognised associations is subsidised up to a maximum amount of €100.

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Is your association eligible for an insurance subsidy?

To qualify for this subsidy, the association must be recognised by LOKO and adopt the form of a non-profit organisation.

How can you apply for an insurance subsidy?

The application is submitted annually by forwarding the evidence to or submitting it via the tool on the website (temporarily unavailable).


The deadline for applying for the insurance subsidy is December 1st for associations recognised at the beginning of the academic year. For associations that are only recognised in the second semester, the deadline is postponed to May 1st.

What proof does your association need to provide?

To apply for an insurance subsidy, your association must prove that it has actually concluded the insurance. Therefore, we ask you to submit a copy of the paid-up insurance policy or proof of payment of the insurance policy, which is no more than 365 days old on December 1st or May 1st of the academic year in which the application is submitted. This should be submitted as evidence by December 1st or May 1st at the latest.

*An official receipt of payment. You can download one via your online banking. A screenshot of your mobile banking app, a payment order or a letter is not valid.

! Attention: at the moment our subsidy tool is not working (yet). For the time being, applications may be forwarded by e-mail to

How much money can my association apply for?

LOKO refunds up to a maximum of €100 per year for the director’s liability insurance.

The reimbursement of the director’s liability insurance for student unions’ umbrella organisations (‘kringoverkoepelende organisaties’) may exceed the limit of €100, to the extent that the total reimbursed amount does not exceed €100 multiplied by the number of student unions (‘kringen’) that are represented by this organisation. If chosen for a director’s liability insurance via the umbrella organisation, no reimbursement can be claimed for each student union (‘kring’) separately represented by this umbrella organization, in view of the prohibition of double subsidization.

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