Internship International

The main purposes of the intern International are to stimulate the integration between Flemish and international students. The job description is adapted to your personal interests: the organisation of activities and communication. 

Time commitment

Supporting the functioning of LOKO International:


Supporting Coordinator International

Realising projects:

- Strengthening the ties with other international departments of various universities (UCL, Brussels, Ghent)

- Exchanging ideas to improve the functioning of LOKO

- Improving cooperation between KUL and UCLL regarding international functioning and representation

- Organising a team building in English for team international

- Helping to organise Think Abroad (opening and closing event, communication)

Translating internal documents:

- Files, Facebook pages of events, notes and training documents that apply to the international community and websites of student organisations to improve the integration between the group of local and international students

Cooperating with VETO and The Voice:

- Proofreading articles, translating them to English or writing own articles

Organising a training session at the end of the internship.

Supporting other departments of LOKO (LOKO Diversity, LOKO Central)

What kind profile are we looking for?
You're enrolled as a student at a university or college.

General competencies:
-    You work in a problem-solving way and will enter into an open dialogue with employers and colleagues.
-    You like to cooperate with people and having meetings does not put you off.
-    You can relate to the general vision of LOKO.
-    You have no problem with flexible hours (working in the evening, in the weekend, or at night) and you can perfectly deal with deadlines.
-    You are prepared to give extra commitment.
-    You can take on responsibilities.
-    You have good pc and software knowledge (Windows, Excel, Word).

Specific competenties:
-    You have a broad interest and like to take initiative.
-    You have a practical attitude, you are punctual and work orderly.
-    You are motivated.
-    You can organise events for students in the form of exchange and social training.
-    You dispose of organisational skills (organising projects independently, establishing relations, networking).
-    You can speak in public (training session).

You have an excellent knowledge of English and Dutch.

What do you get in return?
An interesting internship in a rapidly changing environment with content that is by definition new and dynamic.
Close contact with the students and the elected representatives in an open work atmosphere.
An independent and responsible position with room for initiative, own input and optimisations.

Number of people we're looking for

You work closely together with the coordinator International, the mandatary International and the coworkers of International.

Send an e-mail to to tell us a little more about yourself.

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