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We call ourselves Leuven's union of student unions, because we want to be here for every student in Leuven: whether they study at the KU Leuven, the UCLL or the Lemmens Institute, and whether they call Belgium their home, or their home away from home. We consist of volunteering students who represent all students, organise events, or support other student unions in their initiatives.

The best way to explain how we work is by comparing us to a parliament and a government, with the big difference that we do not assume any political positions. On the one hand, all the student unions come together in the General Assembly every two weeks to assume representational positions on ongoing student affairs and to discuss initiatives. On the other hand, LOKO itself consists of volunteers who execute the decisions of the General Assembly.

Apart from that, LOKO also consists of societies. These can be youth parties, associations unifying students from certain ethnicities or artistic organisations. These receive a working subsidy, but are not part of the General Assembly.

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