Reusable Cups & Wasstraat

We offer crates of reusable cups within our rental service. These cups can easily be cleaned at the Wasstraat before you return them!

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How does it work?

You make a reservation for one timeslot of one hour via the Calendly system, in which you have one hour to use the washing machine in order to clean the cups at the DIY Fietsatelier! After the cups are washed, you can let them dry at the location so that they are dry when you restack them in the box.

Opening Hours

You can make reservations on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10h - 17h in timeslots of one hour. Try to respect the time of the reservation, since someone else might be using the installation the hour before or after your reservation to clean their cups.


At the DIY Fietsatelier located at the Minderbroedersstraat 50 in Leuven! You inform the employees of the Fietsatelier that you have a reservation for the Wasstraat to wash your cups and they will point you in the right direction. The installation is located in the back of the building on the first floor.

Contact opnemen?

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