LOKO is the organization for all students in Leuven, wherever they come from. We represent their interests, organise activities, support student unions, and offer an array of workshops and services.

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What does LOKO do for you?

Loko background


We live to represent students. LOKO representatives are always busy to making student life in Leuven better, when it comes to sports, internationals or cultural or social themes.

LOKO represents their students in everything that has to do with Leuven. That means housing, food, mobility, diversity, culture, ecology, Acco, but also the faculty bars, and nuisance and party policies.

Become a volunteer

An organization like LOKO is almost exclusively run by volunteers. By students who tackle the problems they see, by students who like to organise activities for a large crowd, but also by students who want to learn new things, gain experience, and get to know new people.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Or are you simply curious as to what is going on behind the scenes? Don't hesitate to contact us at loko@loko.be

Loko background

Services and support

LOKO offers services to students and other organizations. We offer subsidies and a rental service for student unions and other affiliated associations.

Students themselves can come to us with problems concerning their rental deposits, for our array of workshops, or to help them with all the challenges that come with being a volunteer.

About LOKO

We are here for every student in Leuven: whether you study at the UCLL, the KU Leuven or the Lemmensinstituut, whether you call Belgium your home, or you're calling it your home away from home.

We consist of students who support all students, organize events, or support other (student) organizations in their initiatives voluntarily.


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