Booking University Rooms

Student associations and recognized associations can use their recognition at LOKO to book KU Leuven university rooms free of charge. On this page you can read more about how to book a university room for your association!

BASWA Phon Aula MTC Leuven

Booking a Room for Non-curricular Activities

There is a specific system for booking KU Leuven rooms and infrastructure for non-curricular activities. You can find out how to book one on the specific webpage of KU Leuven. Please make sure to request the booking of a room at least 15 days prior to the event!

Do I require permission?

Every usage of KU Leuven domain requires permission from the KUL infrastructure department! This means that organizing an event on a KUL parking lot and other non-classroom terrain also require said permission. When in doubt whether or not you need permission you can always e-mail with your questions.

Free of charge?

Booking KU Leuven rooms is free of charge, with the exception of organizing proms, cantussen and parties. You can find a clear (dutch) overview of the booking fees here! Should you receive a receipt for a free booking by accident, you can always e-mail to straighten things out!

Questions concerning booking rooms?

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