LOKO provides for four different subsidies you can apply for, depending on the needs of your project or student association. The modalities and application procedures depend on the kind of subsidy you apply for. The following subsidies are provided for: operating subsidies, insurance subsidies, Belgian Official Gazette subsidies and project subsidies. The latter are subdivided into small and large project subsidies.

! Attention: the subsidy tool is not working (yet). Send your applications to

Cigarettes 621346 1920



Attention: Keep this in mind when planning your application: submit it at least 1 week before the meeting at which you want your application to be reviewed. The next SubCom meeting will be in the first week of the second semester. During the blok and exam periods, the subsidy committee does not meet.

A lot of subsidy applications are handed in. Please use the LOKO templates and add the necessary proof. Without these, an application is inadmissible, so do not forget!

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